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Welding & Fabrication


When it comes to Welding, we can offer a range of different types of processes which can also be used on site:

TIG Welding for Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Cast Aluminium
Mig Welding for Large Mild Steel
Arc Welding for Mild Steel and Cast Iron.
With our machines running from 10 amps to as high as 500 amps, we are capable of welding the majority of requirements. We have repaired all types of thickness and materials to a high standard leaving customers confident and highly satisfied with the results. The type of work that we have completed would be mending broken feet on Motors, repairing snapped Fan Bosses, repairing Compressed Air Tanks and many more.


Our Fabrication Department can create almost anything in metal from scratch and come with creative items to solve solutions or bring your drawings to life, we are able to create many things ranging from small brackets to watertight containers or even cranes for your heavy lifting.

We are able to do this in our new workshop with equipment suitable to tackle any task, this includes any rolling, bending and also with the use of a plasma cutter by our side we can make light work of your requests. The type of work that has already been undertaken are Door Hinges for Lifts, Platforms for hard too reach places, Safety Railings, Bespoke Buzz Bar Connectors and Benches

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