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Mission Statement
Quality Policy
Quality Objectives

Our ultimate aim is to exceed.

Mission Statement

Exceed our customers' expectations in the response time, quality and value for money, for the products and services that we provide.

Develop our technical expertise and improve the skills of all employed to meet the needs of our customers.

Provide valuable support for the local community.

By commitment to the above, promote company profitability.

Our team of skilled and competent personnel is fully committed to the supply and provision of high quality quality mechanical and electrical products and services which are fit for their intended purposes and which confirm fully to both our customers' and relevant regulatory product requirements. This policy is communicated to and understood by all interested parties and the Fyfe Wilson team is further committed to complying with the requirements and maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our integrated management system. Every employee is responsible for, and will be trained to perform the duties required by his or her specific role.

Quality Policy

Quality Objectives

To repair at least 75% of priority repairs within 24 hours.

To repair at least 95% of priority repairs within 5 working days.

To achieve annual revenue of £3 million.

To receive less than 1% customer returns where Fyfe Wilson is responsible for the fault.

To make less than 1% internal process errors on customer items that are rectified at the cost of Fyfe Wilson prior to receipt of goods by the customer.

Customer feedback on an annual survey to be positive (<2 on a 1-5 scale).

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