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As a winder of electric motors, some products offer synergies such as transformers. Fyfe Wilson has a department for the manufacture of transformers either from designs we already hold, or bespoke designs.


We have used the combined knowledge and craftsmanship to produce several prototypes for machines to perform a variety of functions. With the combination of mechanical and electrical engineers working together it is possible to create a bespoke solution to a problem. We recently refurbished a rolling machine that was made as a prototype many years ago that is still in operation.


Another product containing coils which we manufacture. These tend to be built to customer specifications, but is an area where all departments work together to create the final product.

Reverse Engineering

In several of our repairs, due to obsolete components, we have reverse engineered a replacement unit and can offer this service when something needs to be repaired but parts are not available.

Manufacturing Case Study

Fyfe Wilson were asked by a client to develop a product that overcame a problem with opening fire shutter doors in a hospital. When the fire shutter doors on the laundry chutes were activated, they needed to be reset manually from a ladder. This was deemed to be an unsafe practice as the shutter doors were at a great height.
Fyfe Wilson designed a device to automate the resetting of the fire shutter door. This was achieved by building an actuator into a frame which fitted around the ducting. A control panel was was designed to operate the system from the ground. The whole unit needed to be supported only by the ductwork.
Following the design, a prototype was developed and demonstrated to the client. This led to the unit being manufactured and installed on all fire shutter doors in the client's building.
This project utilised the skills and resources across Fyfe Wilson with electricians, mechanical engineers and fabricators working together to develop the final product.
The final product can be adapted to any duct work or waste chutes that have a fire shutter door.
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